The inspirational true story of a young man’s search for God and freedom amidst games of international espionage

In 2012, Matej Valuch, a naive but idealistic businessman from Slovakia, became the unwitting pawn in covert intelligence games played between the United States and Iran. Iranian police arrested him without warning at his hotel in Tehran and detained him inside Iran’s infamous Evin Prison. Facing the harsh conditions of solitary confinement, the possibility of the death sentence, and loss of his ideals, Matej must try to survive so that he can understand what actually happened to him, and why. . . . .

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The Truth

Intelligence agencies use young businessmen in their undercover operations and do not care about the life (or death) of their chosen victim. Because Matej was fortunate enough to survive his ordeal, he decided to share his story.

Prison, or a School of Life?

Very few places or situations can teach you more than solitary confinement. Let yourself be inspired by Matej’s authentic account of his struggle (and eventual victory) as he endured his traumatic imprisonment. . . . See reviews.

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All profit from the sales of this book will be donated to the International Committee of the Red Cross (see details). Support a good cause while reading an inspirational true story. Buy now on Amazon.

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Matej Valuch

A thinker, entrepreneur, and a keen athlete, Matej tries to enjoy living life in harmony with nature, other people, and with himself.

Backpacking a few months every year, Matej continues his “Studies of Life,“ reflections first begun in solitary confinement while locked behind the gates of an Iranian prison.

When at home in a small apartment in Dubnica nad Váhom in Slovakia, Matej spends his time working on various non-profit and for-profit projects in the fields of writing, internet marketing, and philosophy. He doesn’t own a TV, and he’s also a vegetarian. In his spare time Matej likes reading, sports (especially trail running and mountain biking), or simply spending time with friends and family.

University of Solitude, which Matej mentally composed in the small cells of Evin Prison and published just a year after his eventual release, has been recognized as a unique work of modern Slovak literature. (See reviews and critics).

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