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  • Can you rank your book in Google with a help of YouTube channel?
  • How do people rank their videos on YouTube, so other people will find them when searching for relevant information?
  • And does it actually make sense to spend time with YouTube, editing videos and trying to rank them on YouTube or in Google search results?

I will try to find the answers. . . .

Ranking in Google

In two of my previous posts about Google marketing (lesson1, lesson 2), we looked into non-orthodox methods of getting traffic from We tried commenting on articles and blogs that already ranked in the search results, making our website visible to the people who read the articles. We even considered acquiring some domains from their owners.

But the most common, and the most rewarding Google marketing technique consists in ranking your own content—your website, blog, book page on Google. Or your YouTube video?


Google’s new search ranking algorithm prioritizes old domains that boost huge authority

If I published my book three years ago, and had been writing this article back then, I would have suggested ranking your own website (and blog) in Google, for any keywords of your choice (green smoothies, traveling in Spain, inspirational true story, erotic books, … whatever relates to your book). It was doable back then.

But knowing how Google’s algorithm works today, it would be a stupid advice to suggest doing the same.

It is extremely tough, if not impossible, to rank a brand new website on Google in 2016.


Things became difficult even for the seasoned internet marketers (who own various tools and know what they are doing). That’s why most of them buy expired domains (which boost domain authority), and use them for all their new internet marketing projects.

Google simply prioritizes big brands, and will nearly always rank them before your new website in their search results, quality of content, design of your website, and navigation notwithstanding.


Time for Google Adwords?

So what to do now? Should you forget about receiving thousands of visits from Google every month? Or, should you back down to Google Adwords, paying money for every single visitor you get from them? Definitely no!

If Google prioritizes authority websites, then you should either build one (can take several years though), or you can post your content on the website that already has high authority in the eyes of Google. And my favorite for this is YouTube:

Majestic backlink analyzer shows extremely high domain authority metrics for

Majestic backlink analyzer shows extremely high domain authority metrics for


As you can see according to Majestic Backlink Analyzer (free plugin for Firefox), YouTube boosts a huge citation flow and trust flow (authority metrics).

Said in simple language, this means that Google will prioritize YouTube to nearly all other domains on the internet, when deciding what they will show on the top of their search results for your query. That’s the reasons why you will find YouTube videos in top 10 results for so many search queries. . . .


Authority metrics of

Authority metrics of

In comparison, University of solitude doesn’t report huge trust flow or citation flow (not surprising, new domains never have them). Google will therefore prioritize most domains to mine, and it will rank them higher in the search results.


Inspirational true story keyword

If I, for example, tried to rank for a keyword “inspirational true story”, I would most likely fail. Why?

Well, the domain name does not match the keyword, and the content of my website isn’t really optimized for it either (we can’t really optimize book landing page for any such keyword), and, on the top of that, the low domain authority indicates that all my efforts on ranking it for this keyword (however sophisticated and continuous they might be) will end in vain.

But … if I made a YouTube video, optimized it for this phrase, and later worked on ranking it on Google, I can definitely succeed. High domain authority of makes things 10 times easier for me, or maybe even 20 times easier. And it’s the same for you. . . .



Benefit from YouTube authority

You should follow the following steps:

  1. Verify your YouTube account, start a channel, add some nice graphics that relates to your niche
  2. Learn how to make and edit videos (I’ll discuss this later in the article)
  3. Regularly upload short videos optimized for keywords of your choice (relevant for your niche), don’t forget to set proper titles, tags, video descriptions (one that includes call to action and link to your website). Grow your channel in time.
  4. SEO your videos, and rank them in Google for the keywords of your choice (there are countless good tutorials on how to optimize your content for search engines, google it to learn more, or wait for one of my next posts in which I’ll discuss this topic in detail).
  5. Benefit from the authority of YouTube domain, seeing your videos ranking high and getting targeted traffic that later converts to your website’s visitors, and hopefully even your book readers. 🙂



Huge traffic of YouTube

Most people don’t realize it, but YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world! (Yahoo and Bing have much less traffic than YouTube)

People prefer watching videos to reading texts, and so, unsurprisingly, many of them search for information on YouTube (especially for various tutorials). Will they find your videos there?

Ranking a video on YouTube differs strongly from ranking a video (or any other content) on Whether people find your video on YouTube, or not, depends mostly on the following:

  • The quality of your channel and videos (determined by the total number of videos, age of the channel, frequency of uploading, number of subscribers, up-votes/down-votes ration, interaction of visitors, comments, retention views, other factors.)
  • Meta date (proper title, tags, video description, etc.)


Saying it in other words, ranking on YouTube takes time, but if you make quality videos, and upload regularly, it WILL happen, and you will rank. Want a proof?

Look at the analytics of my old YouTube channel. I started this one back in 2011, a few months after I bought my very first website, and started the fascinating journey in internet marketing. This journey still continues.

My old YouTube channel, report in Slovak language. "Zhliadnutia" means views, "komentare" comments, "odberatelia" subscribers, "paci sa" likes.

My old YouTube channel, report in Slovak language. “Zhliadnutia” means views, “komentare” comments, “odberatelia” subscribers, “paci sa” likes.


1,658,223 views isn’t bad, is it?

And you should know that I did not start this channel with any intentions of getting views… I started it because I needed some videos for my other promotional techniques, while trying to rank the websites I owned back then (and still own many of them) in Google.

Actually I haven’t uploaded any new video to this channel for about 2 years, and haven’t checked the stats either … until today. 🙂

As you can see, the channel is still going strong, getting tens of thousands of views every month, resulting in new subscribers, likes and comments.

And it happens simply because it is an aged channel with more than 60 videos, and it reports a positive interaction of viewers (comments, likes, subscribers, etc.).

Hopefully, the new channel I started just yesterday for the University of Solitude will report similar numbers in the future… one day it may. And I hope your channel will report similar, or even better numbers!



My first video—Book trailer

Yesterday night I made my first video, which I plan to use as a book trailer. I will also try to rank it for the keyword “inspirational true story” on You can see the video below:


Tools I used:

  • Movie editing software – Windows movie maker (free)
  • Free music archive ( (free)
  • Free images archive ( (free)
  • Inspiration and concentration on the task (free, I had a good night last night)…


How long did it take?

I have used Windows movie maker some time ago, but before starting to work on this trailer, I refreshed my memory watching some tutorials on YouTube.

Then I brainstormed a little bit, writing down my ideas on the big blackboard in my room. Finally, I listened to about thirty instrumental songs from free music archive, and chose the best songs. And downloaded some twenty pictures from free images archive.

After that it was all about inspiration, concentration, and trying out different things. I started everything at 4pm and ended 1am, taking a three hour break to play football and to cook and eat vegan dinner. 🙂

So it took me five hours to make this trailer from scratch, with no costs at all. Not bad considering some articles I read, where other writers claimed to spend days or even weeks to make their trailer. Some of them actually hired a professional agency and paid from $500-$1000. . . .

I plan to make more videos in the future. Each one will target different keywords that relate to University of Solitude. And I may even make some videos that relate to this blog, and interesting marketing experiments I made, and will make, in the future, trying to promote the University of Solitude and myself. Because the bigger the channel, the easier to rank the video on YouTube.

Hopefully you will do the same, for your book, your project, your business. Simply for any good initiative that matters to you…




  • It is extremely difficult to rank a new website on Google in 2016. Their algorithm prioritizes old websites with huge domain authority, pushing new websites behind.
  • Smart marketers use the domain authority of YouTube (or other powerful sites) to rank the content of their choice, making videos and optimizing them for relevant keywords.
  • Try to rank your video on both YouTube and Google (the same video), and benefit from the traffic the websites receive. However, remember that ranking factors on Google and YouTube differ strongly, and ranking on one site is completely independent on ranking on the other one. Refer back to the article for more details.
  • You can make great videos with the help of free tools only (movie maker, free music and image archive, your brain). No need to spend a penny.
  • Make various videos, optimizing each one for different keywords. Upload regularly and grow your channel to get more authority in the eyes of YouTube.
  • Quality beats quantity, people prefer short videos. Short movies (three minutes or less) that tell a story, and drag the people in, convert best.
  • It takes some time to start getting views and rank for your videos. Don’t watch your stats too often, don’t get distracted. Make quality videos, upload regularly, optimize your movies, and SEO them for Google. If you do it, the results will come… sooner, or later.


Some numbers from last weeks

We got 100 visitors in a day for the first time. This resulted from a share on Facebook. Someone in Slovakia must have written something nice about the book, or maybe they have many followers/friends, since we got quite a few likes and visits. This activity did not lead to any new sales, however, since the visitors came mostly from Slovakia.

We got 100 visitors in a day for the first time. This resulted from a share on Facebook. Someone in Slovakia must have written something nice about the book, or maybe they have many followers/friends, since we got quite a few likes and visits from Facebook…. This activity did not result in any new sales, however, since the visitors came mostly from Slovakia, and while they liked the website and the idea, they did not buy the book.

Traffic sources for the last week. You can see a lot of social traffic. Some traffic actually resulted from my recent commenting activities, which could be seen in detailed acquisition reports.

Traffic sources, you can see that social accounted for 94 visits. Some traffic actually resulted from my recent commenting, which I could detect in detailed source/medium report.

The blog ( has its own Google analytics account. We started getting some traffic already, half of which results from the commenting I've been doing last week. It's not many visitors, but we got more than we did last week, and that's what matters.

This blog ( has its own Google analytics account. We started getting some traffic already, half of which results from the commenting I’ve done last week. Not many visitors yet, but we got more than we did last week, and that’s a good trend.


That’s it for now guys. Have a great week, enjoy the work you do, and don’t forget to do something for the people in need. I’ll see you next week, with another update, or marketing experiment.

Best Wishes


Written by Matej Valuch

Matej Valuch

Having succeeded in building residual income from the network of content-rich websites, Matej currently devotes nearly all his time to non-profit projects, mostly in the spheres of philosophy, start-up, and writing. Sharing real marketing studies and experiments with his audience, Matej tries to help other writers and marketers to succeed with their projects.

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