One on one coaching


If you’re looking for a tailored advice, or seek help with a particular marketing project/venture, I offer you one on one coaching. Please, before applying for the service, read about section, a few articles on this blog (to understand what I do and specialize in), and ensure you are okay with the points below:

  • This service is not intended for people who “want to make money on the internet”, and have done nothing yet.
  • One on one coaching is intended for people who already have their business, website, publication, and struggle with marketing, or sales.
  • My coaching is about uncovering what you need, why you struggle to achieve the results you want to achieve, and guiding you on your way, step by step. However, this is not a SEO offer, or PBN building offer, or Reddit promotion offer, or anything of that kind. It’s a consulting service–we will create a plan of action together, the one that will take you to desired results. But you’re the one who is bound to follow the steps in the plan (or the people you’ll hire for the task)
  • The price for one on one coaching is $100 for first hour, and then $50 for each next. Bear in mind, however, that if your project is small, and the session is effective, the sixty minutes we speak together may as well be all you need to understand how to proceed on your way towards your goals.
  • Coaching can be done in person, or on Skype.

To start, please drop me an email to matej[at]universityofsolitude[dot]com, or use the contact form. Specify briefly your project and what you try to achieve. I will come back to you shortly, letting you know if I can help, and if I can, we’ll arrange the first coaching session.

Thank you.