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Purchase the University of Solitude

* Since 15th January 2018, you can purchase the book only on Amazon. I made this temporary change becasue I run some new marketing experiments, and the book needs to be enrolled in Kindle Unlimited for this purpose.

Purchase from Amazon.

If you prefer purchasing from Amazon (for any reason), you can just follow the link: University of Solitude on Amazon, or search for the book on the pages of your local Amazon store.

Keep in mind though that we get just 60% of the price (Amazon keeps the rest of money), so we’ll donate less money to Red Cross.

Paperback – only on Amazon

Since we do not have print copies on stock (we use Amazon print-on-demand feature), if you want to purchase a physical copy of the book (paperback), you’ll need to purchase from Amazon.

Thank you, I hope you’ll enjoy reading the book!


P.S. The option to purchase the book directly from our website will be available again later this year. Thank you for understanding.