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Matej’s time spent in prison turned out to be a gift, not just for him but for all the readers who opened their hearts to his inspirational true story. . . ., book review portal. (See full review in Slovak)

We can certainly call the University of Solitude a jewel of modern Slovak literature. You won’t find a single empty word in Valuch’s narrative. Not only does the author reveal the numerous dirty practices employed by secret services all around the world, but he also shows us that it‘s possible to get the best out of every difficult situation in our life. . . .

Maria Brišová, book critic from (See full review in Slovak).

Has Matej Valuch found God thanks to his emphatic cellmates—the Muslims? Or has he just imagined a Creator under the duress of the harsh conditions he faced in solitary? You will find the answers after reading this amazing book! As for me, I am certain that Matej really did meet God inside his small prison cell within section 240 of Evin Prison. . . .

Ria Ratajová, book critic from (See full review in Slovak)

A thrilling narrative enhanced by multiple reflections on life and personal values, which eventually the reader comes to see as the most important part of the book. University of Solitude belongs to those books you should keep on your shelf and read more than once. . . .

Michaela Bačová, book critic from (See full review in Slovak)

Signing a book for a readerThis book shows how far we can go while balancing on the edge of life and death, and how we can benefit from even life’s most difficult circumstances.

A great read that will change the way you feel about your daily life!

University of Solitude encourages us to search for something higher and better, even when we face enormous physical or mental pressure.

Written as authentically and honestly as possible.

This man has a lot to say to every reader.

Should you read just one book in your life, I would recommend University of Solitude.

A philosophy of existence.

He becomes truly free only in prison.

A University of Solitude for every one of us.

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